When it pays to remortgage.

When does it pay to remortgage?

If you already have a mortgage and you haven’t as yet explored whether the opportunity of a remortgage is real for you, Deal Direct can help.

The short answer is whether by remortgaging you can save money or you can borrow more for similar repayments – that’s when it pays.


Saving money can be done by switching to a deal that represents better value than the one you are currently paying. It could be that your present introductory deal is due to end in the next 2 to 3 months, meaning that you will then move to your lender’s SVR. This would mean a considerable jump in the repayments you’re making as some SVR’s are as high as 4.99%. 

It could be that you didn’t shop around for a good mortgage deal in the first place and chose one that isn’t ideally suited to your circumstances. Perhaps the advice you received wasn’t from a professional source and that has left you paying more than you should.

Whatever the reason, Deal Direct can advise you not only on when it pays to remortgage but if you could save and how much it will pay you if you do. We’ll undertake the market-wide search and make the comparisons for you. We’ll explain the differences in the lending criteria and help you present your application in the best possible way and even leverage the relationship we have with lenders to assist with acceptance.

Don’t underestimate the value of coming to Deal Direct for expert remortgage advice.

Contact our team today on 0800 048 8828 or chat with us online.

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Article published: Thursday, October 18, 2018
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