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Deal Direct Financial Solutions is a trading style of Deal Direct Financial Solutions Ltd. To contact the Data Controller please write to: The Data Protection Controller at Deal Direct House H2B, Universal Marina, Crableck Lane, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 7ZN.

As a result of the operation of this website and in connection with any services provided by us, we may obtain certain information about you. This Privacy Policy sets out the principles governing our processing and use of that information.

By your access to and use of this website you agree to our processing storing and using that information in accordance with the principles set out in this Privacy Policy.
We will limit the collection and use of your information to a minimum. We will only collect such information as it's required to deliver the high standards of service you can expect from us, to inform you about the products and services we offer, and to administer our business.

We will take all reasonable steps to safeguard the security and confidentiality of any information you provide to us. We provide training and education to all our staff so they are aware of their obligations. We cannot however guarantee the security of any information you disclose online. You accept the inherent security implications of providing information over the internet and will not hold us responsible for any breach of security or disclosure of information unless we have been negligent.

We will not reveal any of your information to any external organisation unless we have previously informed you that this will happen through disclosures or agreement, and we have your authority to do so. We can also disclose your information to authorised parties if we are required to by law. You agree that we may disclose any information requested or required relating to you, or if relevant, any of your clients, to any regulatory authority to which we are subject or to any person in power to require such information by or under any legal enactment or where a third party has provided to our reasonable satisfaction written confirmation that it genuinely and reasonably believes your use of the site has been defamatory or otherwise unlawful and further that the disclosure of your data is necessary (a) for the purpose of, or in connection with, any legal proceedings (including prospective legal proceedings), or (b) for the purpose of obtaining legal advice, or is otherwise necessary for the purposes of establishing, exercising or defending legal rights.

We will always maintain control over the confidentiality of your information. If you have consented we may periodically send you information relating to the Group and other carefully selected third parties. If at any point you want to change your preferences or need to review and update your personal details you should write to the Data Protection Officer.

You have a right of access under the Data Protection Act to information we hold about you on our records. The Act allows us to charge a fee of £10 for this service.
We will hold information collected by us, or a third party on computer and in other forms. This information may be used for the purposes disclosed in this Privacy Policy and may also may be passed to members of the Group and other third parties to:

  • enable confidential market research to be conducted on behalf of the Group

  • enable the provisions of services you have requested

  • provide statistical information to third parties and business partners and members of the Group

  • improve current services and offer new services.

From time to time, if you have consented (We deem consent as your providing your personal info such as name, email address, phone & mobile number), we may send you details of products and services which we, our group companies and any third parties may offer. You may opt out of receiving these at any time by contacting us or clicking the relevant link within emails or SMS messages. 

Terms of Business Letter for Mortgage and Insurance


Any advice or recommendation that we offer to you will be based on your stated objectives, circumstances and take into account any restrictions that you wish to place on the type of products you would be willing to consider.  

If you decline to provide information, the advice or recommendations put forward by Deal Direct Financial Solutions Ltd will be correspondingly restricted and will not take into account all of your personal circumstances.

With very few exceptions, we will confirm to you in writing the basis of our reason for recommending the products arranged on your behalf in a Suitability Report.

Your stated objectives will be reiterated in the Suitability Report, which we will issue to you following our recommendation, along with details of any special risks associated with the product recommended. Unless confirmed in writing to the contrary, we will assume that you do not wish to place any restrictions on the advice we give you. 

Full details of the products we may recommend to you including, for example, the minimum duration of the product, information on the right to cancel or whether no right to cancel arises, and any other early termination rights and penalties, will be covered in the relevant product disclosure information you will receive before conclusion of any contract.

Any products we have arranged for you, will not be kept under review but we will advise you upon your request. However, we may contact you in the future by means of an unsolicited promotion should we wish to discuss the relative merits of a particular product or service which we feel may be of interest to you.


We never handle cash AND we cannot accept a cheque made out to us (unless it is in respect of an item for which we have sent you an invoice). 

You or we may terminate our relationship at any time without penalty. Notice of this termination should be provided in writing, as this will ensure that no confusion arises between us.  We will, however accept oral instructions, which we will then confirm to you in writing.  Where we have undertaken work on your behalf for which a fee is due, we reserve the right to charge you that fee.


Circumstances can arise where we or one of our other customers may have some form of interest in business being transacted for you.  If this happens or we become aware that our interests or those of one of our other customers conflict with your interests, we will write to you and obtain your consent before we carry out your instructions, and detail the steps we will take to ensure fair treatment.

In most cases you can exercise a right to cancel, by withdrawing from the contract recommended to you.  In general terms you will have a 30 day cancellation period for a pure protection policy, such as life insurance, and a 14 day cancellation period for a general insurance policy, such as buildings and contents insurance.  If you require confirmation of which category of insurance your policy falls into, please ask us.   Please note that in most instances you will not be able to exercise a right to cancel a mortgage contract, unless the contract is concluded at a distance (i.e. no face to face advice), at which point you will have a 14 day cancellation period. Additionally, any contracts arranged at your explicit request (normally referred to as “execution only”) do not provide cancellation rights.

The start of the cancellation period will normally begin on the day the contract is concluded or, if later, the day on which you receive the contractual terms and conditions. Instructions for exercising the right to cancel, if applicable, will be contained in the relevant product disclosure information which will be issued to you.

All Policy Documents or Lender’s Offer Documents will be sent to you directly by the lender or provider.


Some services are provided to Deal Direct Financial Solutions Ltd by third parties such as processing business or obtaining compliance or regulatory advice, which warrant the disclosure of more than just your basic contact details.  You agree that personal information held by Deal Direct Financial Solutions Ltd may be disclosed on a confidential basis, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, to any such third parties.  You also agree that this information may be transferred electronically, e.g. email and you agree that ourselves, or any such third party, may contact you in future by any means of communication which we consider appropriate at the time. 

Consent for Credit checks Updated 14th March 2016

When you apply to us for a loan, fixed term credit agreement or deferred payment agreement we will check the following records about you (and others where applicable):

  • our own, those at CRAs & those at FPAs.

  • Whether or not your application is successful, when CRAs receive a search from us they will place a search footprint on your credit file that may be seen by other lenders. Large numbers of applications within a short time period may affect your ability to obtain credit, this is applicable whether you have been accepted or declined.

  • They, and we, may also link your records with those of your financial associate(s) including any previous and subsequent names; these links will remain on your and their files until you or they tell the agency you are no longer financially linked and the agency accepts this. This is called a “disassociation” and if you need to request a disassociation, please contact the CRAs directly (contact details are set out below for both Call Credit and Experian

  • The CRAs supply us with both public information (including the electoral register, county court judgements and bankruptcies) and shared credit and fraud prevention information including information about previous applications and the conduct of your accounts in your and your financial associate(s)’ name(s).

  • We may also make periodic searches at CRAs and FPAs to manage our relationship with you.

Information provided by you on our applications will be sent to CRAs and will be recorded by them. We and other organisations may access and use this information to prevent fraud and money laundering and CRAs and FPAs may use your information for statistical analysis. Information held by CRAs and FPAs will be disclosed to us and to other organisations in order to (for example):

  • prevent fraud and money laundering and to check and assess applications for credit, credit related or other facilities;

  • recover debts that you owe and trace your whereabouts;

  •  manage credit accounts and other facilities and decide appropriate credit limits;

  •  verify your identity;

  •  make decisions on credit and other facilities for you, your financial associate (s), members of your household or your business;

  • check details on proposals and claims for all types of insurance; and check details of job applicants and employees.

When you borrow from us using a loan, fixed term credit agreement or deferred payment agreement, we will give details of your loan and how you manage it to the CRAs. If you borrow and do not repay in full and on time, the CRAs will record the outstanding debt and, in some cases, the length of time that the debt remains outstanding; other organisations may see these updates and this may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.

If you fall behind with your payments and a full payment or satisfactory proposal is not received within 28 days of a formal demand being issued, then a default notice may be recorded with the CRAs. Any records shared with CRAs will remain on file for 6 years after your account is closed, whether any outstanding sums have been settled by you or as following a default.

This information may be supplied to other organisations by CRAs and FPAs to perform similar checks and to trace your whereabouts and recover debts that you owe. Records remain on file for 6 years after they are closed, whether any outstanding sums have been settled by you or following a default.

If you give us false or inaccurate information and we have reasonable grounds to suspect fraud or we identify fraud we may record this and may also pass this information to FPAs and other organisations involved in crime and fraud prevention including law enforcement agencies who may then access this information.

We and other organisations may access and use the information recorded by fraud prevention agencies from other countries.

The Credit Reference Agencies that we use are Callcredit Limited (registration number 03961870) with registered office at One Park Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS3 1EP; and Experian Limited (registration number 00653331) with registered office at Landmark House, Experian Way, NG2 Business Park, Nottingham, NG80 1ZZ.

The Fraud Prevention Agency that we use is CIFAS, with registered office at 6th Floor Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9LT. If you have any further questions about our use of CRAs or FPAs please email us at office@dd- 

We may make enquiries of any person including current and previous lenders, employers, landlords, accountants, bankers, the Land Registry the Inland Revenue and the council of Mortgage Lenders Possessions Register in the processing of any application and the administration of any account.

If you apply for certain products such as life cover, we may ask for sensitive information such as medical details. If so we will ask for your consent. We will not use, or share, whether internally or externally, any sensitive information unless it relates directly to the underwriting or administration of the product or service you have requested. If we need to disclose this information for any other purpose other than where we are legally compelled to do so, you will be informed of this at the time your information is collected and we will seek your consent.

Deal direct reserves the right to monitor and intercept communications for lawful business purposes.

Systems personnel who operate and support electronic communications facilities need, from time to time, to monitor transmissions or observe transactional information to ensure proper functioning of the company's facilities and services. On these and other occasions, such personnel might inadvertently become aware of the contents of electronic communications. Except as provided for under Lawful Business Practice Regulations, personnel are not permitted to intentionally examine the contents of transactional information or disclose or otherwise use what they have seen, heard or read. If, however, violations of law or Company policy are discovered, personnel are required to report these to the appropriate officer.

To assist your navigation of this web site and our prevention of fraud we may send 'cookies' from this web site to your computer. We do not obtain personal data from your computer or gather personal information about you unless you personally give information to our server. Furthermore computer viruses are not passed through the use of 'cookies'. You may choose to disallow 'cookies' via your browser but this web site may not work properly as a result.

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