Which mortgage lender meets your needs? Find out with Deal Direct’s expert help.

As there are more than 340 of them in the UK today (according to FCA statistics), how do you determine which mortgage lender best suits your needs?

It would be a huge task to undertake alone and involve a large amount of time and effort. The thought of filtering through those many mortgage lenders and their products numbering in the thousands by yourself could explain why most people don’t bother.

Sticking with what you know is understandable BUT it may not be the most advisable course of action. Seeking expert guidance from Deal Direct can quickly lead you to a mortgage lender whose profile you match and whose products have great rates and ideally suit your borrowing needs.   

Why sticking with a mortgage lender who is your bank or building society may not be your best option.

Finding and applying for a mortgage is thought to be one of the most stressful activities we can engage in today. The market is both huge and complex with tightened lending criteria and lengthy application processes. Would-be borrowers can find it complicated and daunting.

Consequently, many seek the familiar and turn to their bank or building society for their mortgage or remortgage needs. This could be a mistake that leads to:

  • losing out on your most suitable mortgage solution.
  • paying higher rates than necessary.
  • having your application rejected.

Just because you are a banking services customer of a mortgage lender doesn’t necessarily mean they have the ideal product for you, will offer you the best rates or automatically approve your mortgage application.  

Using experts like ourselves takes all the hassle and stress out of it because it’s our business to find you the very best deal.

How one mortgage lender can differ from another.  

A mortgage lender may decide to specialise in providing home financing to a certain sector of the market. This could be defined by:

  • industry - such as IT or teaching etc.
  • types of mortgage offered - such as buy to let, credit impaired, Help to Buy etc.
  • customer profiles - employed, self-employed, over 55, business owner or ‘complex cases’ etc.

Because each mortgage lender has its own parameters for determining risk and affordability (subject to FCA regulations), the terms and conditions offered vary among them and affect:

  • minimum and maximum loan amounts offered.
  • criteria used to determine affordability.
  • supporting documentation required.
  • eligibility due to age.
  • underwriting processes used.

If your case is less than straightforward, it may be possible to find a mortgage lender willing to listen and consider less-than-conventional but compelling applications. Knowing who to approach in these cases is vital and this is where Deal Direct’s in-depth knowledge of the market really pays dividends.

Why choose Deal Direct?

Leading mortgage broker. Deal Direct is a leading mortgage broker in the UK. We are independent and can guarantee objectivity and impartiality, recommending mortgage options without prejudice. The professional and qualified advice we offer is regulated by the FCA to be in your highest and best interests. We go the extra mile when it comes to sourcing a mortgage in line with your wishes.   

‘Whole of market’. We are a ‘whole of market’ broker, which means the mortgage research we undertake on your behalf includes products from ALL mortgage lenders and includes further advances and secured loans.  

Great level of customer service. We pride ourselves on the level of customer service we offer. Don’t just settle for our word on that! Read the fantastic feedback from thousands of satisfied customers and their experiences below:

For expert advice on finding a mortgage lender with products ideally suited to your requirements, contact Deal Direct.

Call us on 0800 048 8828, email us or click on the chat box at the bottom of the page to ask a question.

For expert mortgage advice you can trust, contact Deal Direct on 080 048 8828 today.  

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Article published: Thursday, October 04, 2018
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