Why discussing remortgaging with Deal Direct is your wisest move.

Approaching Deal Direct to discuss your remortgaging options could save you thousands of pounds. While there are financial benefits to seeking out our expert advice, we could also help you save other things too, such as time and effort along with avoiding high levels of frustration and stress.

The entire process can be smooth, effortless and with a much higher probability of your application being successful when you consult one of our experts.

What does ‘remortgaging’ mean?

Remortgaging happens when the introductory term of your original mortgage ends and the interest you pay reverts to your lender's standard variable rate. This rate is normally more expensive than the initial rate and so the amount payable on a monthly basis will increase. To avoid paying the more expensive SVR, homeowners ‘remortgage’ and move to another product.

When you switch to another deal, the funds you borrow will pay off your original mortgage and the new payments go towards paying off your remortgage. You can stay with the same lender and change products but you can also switch to a different lender too, especially if the benefits exceed those of your current deal.

What does remortgaging involve?

Type of mortgage. What type of remortgage would suit you best depends on your individual situation. You may have a tracker mortgage at the moment and switching to a fixed rate could suit your purposes better. It could be that your circumstances have changed, which may include:

  • moving from being employed to self-employed or vice-versa
  • getting married or divorced
  • having a family or family moving out
  • deciding to buy another property to move to and rent out your current home

Researching the market. While your present mortgage provider may offer you alternatives, it always pays to shop around and look at other deals. 

Equity. The level of equity can greatly alter the terms of the mortgage you switch to. This can help to either save you money or raise money to use for home improvements or pay off debts. 

Fees. All terms, conditions and incentives should be factored into your calculations as this will give you a true picture of the remortgage and whether it’s right for you.

Why should you choose Deal Direct to assist you with remortgaging?

This is a very good question, which you should be asking any mortgage broker service that you approach. Below is why we think you should choose Deal Direct to assist you with remortgaging:

  • We have a level of experience that would be hard to match elsewhere. For more than a decade, we have been helping clients to save money by transferring to a better deal, release equity or raise funds by remortgaging to consolidate debts.
  • The strength of the relationships we have developed with remortgage providers means we have a level of influence we can leverage when a case requires it. This could be your case and you who could benefit from our influence.
  • We are independent and ‘whole of market’ which means we can advise you on further advances as well as secured loans.
  • We offer to tailor a list of recommended remortgage products and compare them for you to give you a clear picture of your best options.
  • Because of our status as an independent broker, our service includes giving our clients access to remortgage ‘specials’ they won’t find through other channels.
  • We offer a full review of your financial situation, including a free credit rating that we provide internally plus recommendations about who to improve your score.
  • We also include a free automated valuation of your home.
  • Deal Direct also offers an additional service of keeping you updated via text or email. We’ll send you remortgage information relevant to you and the latest changes in rates.

When you make an enquiry with us, a dedicated advisor is assigned to your case. We’ll guide you through every stage from the initial comparisons to approval and funds being released. We’ll do all the hard work so you can relax, knowing that your remortgage is being properly handled.

Discussing remortgaging with Deal Direct could be your wisest move.

Speak to one of our experts now on 0800 048 8828 or click the 'chat now' box at the bottom of the page.   

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Article published: Wednesday, October 03, 2018
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